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Intuitive eating for a balanced life 

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Our why

DISHED has been created to help you tune into your intuition. We want you to become aware and link what you are eating and drinking with how it is making you feel.

Being more mindful about what we are putting into our bodies and how our bodies react to this is a key attribute in ensuring we are fuelling our bodies in our own unique way.

It's not about diets, calorie counting or any other measure of food we can think of. Just tuning into yourself, your body, mind and soul and trusting your gut. 

Eat what you feel like...feel like what you eat!


Our products

We use naturally occurring and well known healing properties of a variety of herbs and spices to present you a wide range of products designed to help you on your journey of discovering a more intuitive eating pattern within yourself. 

We have started with loose leaf tea which is inspired by our two favourite things - tulsi and chai. These are to encourage you to take time out to be present and mindful throughout the making, brewing and drinking of each cup of our delicious teas.

We are working on other product lines to inspire your senses and help you further connect to your body and mind. Watch this space for more tasty treats as we listen to our gut and your comments


our mission

We want to inspire you to tune into your amazing self, to become aware of what you are eating and how this is making you feel.